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A cool mist vaporizer is essentially a room-sized humidifier. A vaporizer with fresh water is a small electronic apparatus comprising a water reservoir, a disk or drum, and emitting a peak water vapor created by the rotating disc into the room. Unlike a spray of steam, water is not heated before being dispersed in the room. This makes a cool mist vaporizer particularly useful in a child's room.

The most commonly used in cool mist vaporizer is to put moisture in the air for the purpose of relieving discomfort when a person suffers from nasal congestion or upper respiratory distress. The debate over which is better, a vaporizer or cool mist vaporizer is unstable. Many professional healthcare do not recommend cool mist vaporizers because they create a better environment to harbor bacteria that steamer. In addition, cool mist vaporizers disperse the minerals found naturally in tap water in the room. However, the drawbacks typically associated with a cold water spray which can be avoided to get rid of the risk of severe burns from a vaporizer.

For a child's room, a cool mist vaporizer works as well as a spray for the relief of symptoms associated with common cold and other respiratory infections. Using a mist poses a risk because the child can pull the machine over or get their hands or face on it, which can cause severe burns. When using a steamer with fresh water, there is no risk of burns. To eliminate the release of minerals into the air only use distilled water in a steamer with fresh water. To eliminate the risk of spreading the bacteria in the air, clean the reservoir and all the mechanisms of any type of spray with soap and water between tank filled and before returning it to storage.

If you suffer from sinusitis, allergies, joint disease or others related to dry indoor air, a cool mist vaporizer is a great way to relieve your symptoms. However, most of the cold mist sprays are not designed to wet the entire house, only the room in which it operates. Always follow the manufacturer's instructions before using any type of vaporizer or humidifier.